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The Musician Wellness Project (MWP) is a consortium of organizations that promote musician health, wellness, education, and research through the implementation of music screening, exposure tracking, and injury surveillance. This goal is to promote injury prevention, career longevity, effective and efficient training, and assist musicians, music educators, and medical professional who interface with musicians. The main goal of the MWP is to provide the technological infrastructures and other resources needed to facilitate and support the myriad projects of participating organizations/affiliates.

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There are many affiliates of the Musician Wellness Project

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The implementation of an amalgam of screening tests can identify risk factors that may predispose a musician to injuries or complications, and can provide specific results which can be used to cite strengths and weaknesses. The screening process uses established physical therapy protocols which yields data that is used to create an individualized profile for each musician. The designing of a healthy regimen includes adjunct training methods beyond the music technique class and is aimed at maximizing biomechanical potentials. Areas of concern can be identified using established norms. Through the access of data and analysis, suggested course of actions for such areas of concern are presented.  Repeated screens can be used for follow up using the MWP to help monitor changes and progress.

It is important to stress that a music screen is designed to assist musicians and not to judge. The screening process should NOT be viewed as a test of acceptability.


The term 'Screen' can apply to many different things. Definitions that are used on this site have been developed to help clarify these various usages.

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The MWP maintains high standards for data privacy and protection.

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There are several factors involved with setting a screening initiative.

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There are details that outline the Terms and Conditions for using this website

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